3 effective methods for disposing of pharmaceutical waste

pharmaceutical waste management

Imagine, an infectious waste effecting your health and surroundings. Yes, here we are discussing about medical waste that generated by different health care centers such as hospitals and clinics to tattoo and body piercing, etc. Proper waste management is important to keep the environment and human beings safe. Number of waste disposal companies are endeavorly functioning to find the best method to dispose of medical waste so that, it should not harm anyone.

If you know about medical waste then understanding pharmaceutical waste management will be more convenient for you.

Introduction to pharmaceutical waste

The waste which is produced from various types of healthcare centers such as hospitals, dental clinics, blood banks, etc. is called medical or pharmaceutical waste. It is infected, by blood, and other body fluids, or other infectious materials. If you do not discard the pharmaceutical waste properly, then needles and other sharp materials can harm the environment. 

So, it’s important, to dispose of them properly, and listed below methods can be useful, for that:

  • Autoclaving:  Autoclaving is a machine that disposes of biomedical waste. Steam is used, with high pressure for a specific period, and this process is done, to kill the pathogens like bacteria and viruses. It sterilizes the pharmaceutical waste to the final dumping. There are two unusual types of autoclaves, vacuum autoclave and flow autoclave. This process is also known as simple as disinfecting.
  • Incineration:  At a temperature that ranges from 982°C to 1093°C, the process of combusting the waste is done, in incineration. This procedure turns the pharmaceutical waste into the residue. It is an easy and quick discarding method but, there are chances of emissions. This is also useful for generating electric power. It reduces the solid mass of the weight by 85 %, but that depends on, the composition of waste.
  • Onsite: this technique is used more often, and is chosen in most of the pharmaceutical sectors. There is a device that is installed at your site, and this device can demolish all the generated waste into ashes. This ash can be directly flung, into the dustbin, and it is not injurious to the environment or any other living beings. It is easy to use and possible to destroy gallons of waste that, are produced in a day.


To avoid unwanted, circumstances, it is best to use on-site method it will help you in pharmaceutical waste management. A device is installed at your site, and you can discard the waste frequently. Usually, these devices are of low maintenance, so the only cost concerned is at the time of installation. By using, them your environment can be safe and healthy.

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