Alberto Serafino Motzo – An Expert Dentist in the Medical Fraternity

When you think about all the challenges that could come up while achieving your desired goals of life then, isn’t time & money is probably high on the list of your concerns? Thinking the same, a few people step back while a few take a step ahead without caring about the challenges. Not surprisingly, they are those who made history! Alberto Serafino Motzo is a great example who can motivate any folk who can’t step ahead to chase his dreams.

When it comes to the journey of Alberto, then it never had been that easy. It was full of challenges and bumps! While doing full-time dentistry, he managed to pursue his higher studies. He joined college to obtain his master’s degree. You might be familiar with the fact that working full-time as a student becomes too hectic. However, Alberto possessed great courage that never gave up and focused on becoming a good dentist along with a good student instead. It is something that makes his story very much inspirational for others!

Alberto Serafino Motzo – a Dentist, found himself interested in dentistry when he visited a dentist in childhood. Being a child, he was fascinated by the equipment a dentist uses while treating his patients. Since then, he decided to gain mastery in the field of dentistry! He started chasing his dreams, completed his education, and began practicing as a full-time dentist. In a short space of time, he treated numerous patients with different diseases and gained profound knowledge.

Still, something was missing! So he thought of polishing his skills and getting some advancement. He decided to obtain his master’s degree being a working student. When he discussed the same with his family, then they said that it might hinder his dentistry. Despite getting disappointed, he pursued his degree with the full courage and motivation that he had. During this phase of life, he worked as a dentist and precisely focused on both fields.

After working so hard, he unlocked the full potential of dentistry and became a recognized name all across the nation. Alberto says that he has achieved expertise in dentistry in such circumstances that you can’t imagine. Where he is standing today is a result of his critical thinking and time management skills. To sum up, Alberto Serafino Motzo is an inspiration for those who give up thinking that while working, they can’t achieve their degree!

Shirley Martin

Shirley Martin

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