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Bioenergetic therapy school graduates are trained in complementary bioenergetic therapy, which improves health, health and energy and reduces tensions using a combination of psychotherapy and bodywork techniques.

Bioenergy therapy arises from the psychoanalytic tradition through Wilhelm Reich. However, it was one of Reich’s students, Alexander Lowen, who fully developed this therapeutic method.

Bioenergy therapy practitioners aim to cure stress that accumulate in body muscle tension, postural problems, and breathing obstacles – due to other mental and emotional trauma.

Career Review

The techniques used by graduates of bioenergetic schools are very ranged and includes “speech therapy,” methods of relaxation of breathing in, gentle or sports movements, and massage.

Bioenergy certification can be useful in a number of career, including alternative medicine, nursing, counseling, social work, massage therapy, and psychotherapy.

School and education

What will you learn at the Bioenergy School

Bioenergy and certification programs include two phases of training. The pre-clinical phase involves a closed study of the theoretical aspects of bioenergy, including readings by Reich, Lowen and other authorities. During the clinical phase, you will learn therapeutic and analytic techniques in bioenergy, and you will start clinical work with clients or individual groups based on being watched.

The average length of the bioenergical school

Bioenergy schools usually take four to six years. In addition to training and formal courses, diplomas or certifications in bioenergetics include 150 hours of personal bioenergy therapy and at least 50 hours of supervised practices. Some bioenergetic programs require you to hold a degree in medical or mental health.

Bioenergy Bioenergetic Bioion

Unless your Bioenergetic training is included as part of a curriculum for general psychotherapy or nursing programs, hoping to pay a highly high bioenergetic certification program offered through private institutions or bioenergy communities.

Full certification programs can be charged from $ 12,000 to $ 23,000, depending on the school. However, many of these programs offer financial assistance.

Bioenergetic certification

The leading Bioenergetic Certification Program generally adheres to the curriculum standards recommended by the International Institute for Bioenergetic analysis, which was founded by Dr. Alexander Lowen himself.

Certification requires you to complete two phases of the training described above, as well as your personal therapy and practices supervised as trainees.

To practice bioenergy therapy in your profession as psychotherapists, counselors, or other healing practitioners, you must comply with laws to state the license for the profession.

Bioenergetic salary

Salary in the field of bioenergy Therapy depends on your position right and whether you work in hospitals, clinics or health centers. The following is the average salary that massage therapy school graduates can pursue:

Shirley Martin

Shirley Martin

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