Importance of 3D CT-Scan Before Getting Dental Implants

When you want to get dental implants, the first thing that comes to notice is the procedure of checking your dental situation. It is rather a dreadful and time-consuming one! But with time, the procedure has been upgraded. Now oral surgeons use a 3D CT scan for your dental implant surgery. The machine that has been introduced is called the CBCT machine. It is known as the Cone Beam CT scanner that is used to develop a 3D image of your mouth and skull. That way, the entire dental bone structure, and nerve endings become visible to the oral surgeon and they can plan according to how your dental implants would be set. It is also safer for you because, in comparison to other devices that have been introduced before CBCT, it does not give off a lot of radiation onto the patients during the procedure. Read on to know about how a 3D CT scan is important before getting dental implant surgery.

How Are Dental Scans Used?

In most dental facilities and clinics, 3D dental scans are used to image root canals, dental cavities, and dental implants in Charlotte NCThis imaging helps the dental specialist or oral surgeon to get a clearer picture of your mouth and skull because every patient has a different anatomical structure. It is also used to locate the nerves in the dental space, to check on how far they reach, to avoid any sort of damage. It is also used to check for the best place for your dental implants and get a closer and clearer view of every impacted tooth you have. The entire imaging would help your oral surgeon to plan out the surgery in advance and explain it to you in detail. So, if you have any particular problem, it could be easily discussed and sorted.

3D dental scans are also done to check your jaw bone density. This part also helps the oral surgeon when you have any issues related to jaw repositioning. The dental scanner is also used in scanning and imaging tumors and diseases in the early stages of your dental area. In most NC dental implants, oral surgeons use it only when it is necessary. They use CBCT so that it directly impacts the patient and helps them out.

Diagnostic Advantages That 3D Dental Imaging Provides

The advantages of a 3D CT scan for dental implants are many. It begins with absolute minimum radiation to the patients. The scan minimizes the exposure that the patient gets by up to 98%. With an excellent resolution, CBCT provides the most accurate image of your dental area and your skull for the oral surgeon to get a clear idea about how to plan your dental implant surgery. CBCT also provides a quick scan of your dental space, instead of dragging it for a longer period. Your dental area would be scanned within a single rotation of the 3D CT scan. This saves your time as well as the oral surgeon’s time, who would have to prepare for your dental implant surgery. So, if you are thinking about getting your dental implants, search for “dental implants near me” and choose from the ones providing you with the best and time-saving process of 3D CT scan.

Is a 3D CT-Scan Needed for Dental Implants?

Technically speaking, you would not need a 3D CT scan for getting dental implants primarily. Even a normal X-Ray would suffice for the process. If you search for “dental implants near me”, you would find that there are specialists who do not provide CBCT scans for dental implants, which is fine. When an oral surgeon provides you a CBCT scan for your dental implants, it helps him to understand the exact positioning of your dental area. That way he can plan a better surgery for you. When you search fororal and facial surgery near me”, and get to know about facilities like Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery in the NC area, your chances of getting a CBCT scan for your dental implant surgery grows. This is so because reputed oral surgeons are more into patient First’ care 

3D CT scans are important in dental implant surgeries because it helps your oral surgeon pinpoint the best placements for your dental implants. So, opt for the clinic that provides you with the best facilities.

Shirley Martin

Shirley Martin

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