Breathwork refers to any respiration exercise or technique. People usually perform them to enhance mental, physical, and religious well-being. Deep Breathwork Techniques will increase the availability of elements to your brain and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting calm. 


• aid positive self-development

• boost immunity

• process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma

• develop life skills

• Develop self-awareness

• enrich ability

• improve personal and skilled relationships

• increase confidence, self-image, and self-worth 

• increase joy and happiness

• overcome addictions

• reduce stress and anxiety levels

• release negative thoughts


• Shamanic Breathwork.

• Vivation.

• Transformational Breath.

• Holotropic Breathwork.

• Clarity Breathwork.

• Rebirthing.

              10  BREATHWORK TECHNIQUES   

We are sharing the some Breathwork Techniques below:

  • Pursed lip breathing. 

This simple Breathwork technique causes you to weigh down your pace of respiration by having you apply deliberate effort in every breath. You can apply pursed lip respiration at any time. It will be particularly helpful throughout activities like bending, lifting, or supporting rising.

  • Belly breathing. 

Belly respiration will assist you in using your diaphragm properly. Do belly respiration exercises once you’re feeling relaxed and refreshed.

  • Breath focus. 

You can opt for a spotlight word that produces you smile, feel relaxed, or that’s merely neutral to think. Examples embrace peace, letting go, or relaxing. However, it will be any word that suits you to target and repeat through your application.

  • Lion’s breath.

Lion’s breath is energizing yoga respiration applied that’s aforesaid to alleviate tension in your chest and face. It’s additionally identified in yoga as Lion’s creation or simhasana in Indo-Aryan.

  • Alternate nostril respiration.

Alternate nostril respiration, referred to as Nadi shodhana pranayama in Indo-Aryan, could be respiration applied for relaxation. It has been shown to boost vessel operation and lower heart rate.

  • Equal respiration.

This respiration technique focuses on creating your inhales and exhales of a similar length. Creating your breath swish and steady will facilitate balance and calm.

  • Resonant respiration.

Resonant respiration, additionally referred to as coherent respiration, is once you breathe at a rate of five full breaths per minute. You will attain this rate by eupnea and breathing for a count of five.

  • Sitali breath.

This yoga respiration application helps you lower your temperature and relax your mind. Slightly extend your breath long; however, don’t force it since you inhale through your mouth throughout Sitali’s breath.


Deep respiration helps alleviate shortness of breath by preventing air from getting unfree in your lungs and serving you to take a breath of additional recent air. It’s going to assist you to feel additional relaxed and centered.

  • Humming Bee Breath (Bhramari)

This yoga respiration application’s distinctive sensation helps form an instant calm and is very soothing around your forehead. Some folks use buzzing bee breaths to alleviate frustration, anxiety, and anger. Of course, you’ll wish to apply it during a place wherever you’re free to build a buzzing sound.

Shirley Martin

Shirley Martin

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